Oakland St Mary's Catholic Cemetery A Road Tour

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery was established in 1863 two years prior to the Home Of Eternity and Grandiose Mountain View Cemeteries which border it. It was not the oldest Catholic Cemeteries in Oakland but it was erected to replace the overly booked burial ground when this region was experiencing growth. At one time this cemetery served the only parish in the region known as St. Mary's today however it serves several in the bay area. Allot of mysteries surround the cemetery one of those includes not knowing how many are interred here or the first burial here today unmarked of a woman whose name was Mary Riley from Ireland. Many Catholic prominent citizens are buried here including a Mexican Colonial Governor, brothers of a famous brick company, African American columnist for the Oakland Tribune who was the first to have her editorials published for a major city newspaper, winning college football coach and at one time the Ghiradelli family who operated a the chocolate factory which still today is known worldwide just to name a few notables. I kind of stumbled onto this cemetery accidentally so I really did not know much about the history here so instead I wanted to give our viewers a nice little driving tour through here. Rumor has it that their are over 90 thousand interred here so its a rather large hilly graveyard with allot of crosses, angels and crypts of those who came here from Europe particularly Italy, Germany, Spain and Ireland. If you want to learn more about this cemetery and see some photos please visit this addition on our site at www.paranormalghostsociety.org/OaklandStMarysCatholicCemetery.htm
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