Old House Woods in Matthews, Va - Virginia Paranormal Investigations

VAPI returns to Old House Woods in Diggs, Virginia. This location has been the site of several strange occurrences. Legend has it that pirates buried treasure in these woods and shipwrecked at sea. Now their spirits guard the treasure. eerie lantern lights have been seen floating through the woods, with no one carrying them. People have heard shovels digging, muffled voices, and seen headless dogs out in the woods and along the beach. There have also been sighting of a ghost ship at Whites Creek floating up into the woods. A banshee cry has also been heard, warning water men of impending doom.
Members of Virginia Paranormal Investigations have also experienced some paranormal activity at Old House Woods and the team holds it to be a definite hot spot. There have been figures moving in the shadows, unidentified animals darting out of the woods, disembodied voices, and several other unexplained events.
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