Old Licking County Jail: Paranormal Activity in the First Floor Cellblock: 07.22.14

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MUST SEE! This video documents one of our most active sessions ever in the First Floor Cellblock. In just under 40 minutes, we captured 13 EVPs (that's not a typo). We began in one of the cells that was occupied by Walter Robertson in 1936. Mr. Robertson was with the same woman for over 30 years and had proposed to her many times during that time period. One day, at age 60, he proposed and she said yes. He responded by beating her to death with a club. Shortly after he was arrested, he hung himself in this cell.

In addition to a haul of EVP, we documented cold spots and had intelligent communication through our Mel Meter. We had significant K2 activity corresponding with Mel Meter activity. We had personal experiences and a visual experience all corroborated by intelligent EVP. This is a MUST WATCH. This kind of activity doesn't happen all the time and this is a session for the ages.
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