Paranormal Activity in the Abandoned Office - Purranormal Cativity with 4+1 Kittens

Paranormal Activity in the Abandoned Office - Purranormal Cativity with 4+1 Kittens

What could be the reason for the noises heard in this office at night? Are you ready to solve this mystery with the help of a few hidden cameras and some cat food? Because when I enter the office, I don't encounter any living things. When I leave the office, they all come out of hiding. And the office literally turns into a battlefield.

Of course cute kittens. Another crowded cat family chose the office to live in. But this time it's not our office. Abandoned, our neighboring office. Are you ready for an interesting true story? Paranormal activity in the abandoned office.

Chapter 1: How did this cat family get into this office?

We will find the answers to the questions that come to our mind in this video series with the help of hidden cameras. Kittens carried to the office one by one by the mother cat.

We've heard a lot that kittens have extraordinary powers. However, we are watching and witnessing this for the first time. This balcony is too high and the kitten has nowhere to hold on. But there is no problem. Because kittens have supernatural powers. Why did I call it 4+1? Please wrıte your ideas in the comments.

Summary of the story:

The supermarket under our office is undergoing renovations. As a renovation, they demolished the roof in front of my balcony. Because the roof has collapsed, the cats cannot reach the offices on the next floor. The mother cat you watched in this video gave birth to 4 kittens in my neighbor office. The mother cat was elsewhere when the roof collapsed. The mother cat could not reach the kittens for 2 days because the roof collapsed. I learned this story later.

An abandoned office. I couldn't get in. I unlocked the door with the help of a locksmith so I could get in. When I entered the office, I encountered kittens longing for a mother. I took them all from the office and placed them on my balcony. But the mother cat didn't stop living in the neighboring office as seen on the hidden camera. I accepted the mother cat's request. I hope the office owner doesn't punish me for what I've done. The office is unusable. I think all cats have lived in this office for the last 1 year. I'll be posting a lot of videos about this soon.

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