Paranormal Pillow Talk Live Interview with "Estate of Horror" Chris, son of Antia Jo Intenzo..

Paranormal Pillow Talk Live Interview with "Estate of Horror" Chris, son of Antia Jo Intenzo..

Please join Kat and Kelly as we follow up on the fascinating case with Antia Jo Intenzo and her son Chris as we dig deeper into the entiny that has followed Chris home..

Haunted Author, Anita Jo Intenzo's son Chris allows us into "Enter the Realm's" store that he owns and runs as he not only tells us a chilling story of the Reptillian, interdimensional Spirit that lurks with in his home, his dreams and is showing itself to he and his wife..

His FB page is

Take a personal journey to not only listen to what has been happening since "Estate of Horror" the book was written, but to see the amazing work Chris does.

Then at the later part of the Interview, Anita Jo allows us to open up GBRIFT (By Anthony Sanchez owner of Ghost Hunter Apps) as we try to speak to Paul from beyond to get answers as to what this shape shifting thing is.. And why it has chosen Anita AND Chris to take this paranormal journey..

Anita has dealt with great courage and strength her paranormal nighmares and has shared them in her Book,

"Estate of Horros" which can be purchased at:

Anita is working on her second book and the Entities seem to want to keep her from sharing the trutth, likely trying to keep her from bringing forward the information about this particular haunted object that shape shifts, changes how it looks, and hides and attempts to directly affect each of the family memember's lives. .

You won't want to miss this one!! Saturday April 4th at 12 p.m Central Standard time.. Come and join us! Kat and Kelly Griffin, Owner of Southern Angels Paranormal, and Kelly Lead Investigator.

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