Paranormal Review Radio: Tarot Readings for 2016 with Luci Leibfried

Paranormal Review Radio: Tarot Readings for 2016 with Luci Leibfried

Air Date 1/1/2016 Another New Year is here! What's in store for you? What can the cards reveal? Love? Money? A new career? Knowing where you are now helps you to choose the right path to follow. Understanding the past can help create the future you want.
I have over twenty years of experience reading the cards. I am a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and have traced four generations of my family on the tribal rolls. I have a very strong connection to my ancestors and my spirit guides who help me find the answers that my clients are seeking.

My style of reading is different from that of others. I do not ask any questions when I read for a client. I prefer to see what the cards tell me. Usually the situation in your life that needs the most attention will be addressed. I am only the messenger. I relay the initial message that is given, then I will address any specific questions you may have. I am here to help to bring you into your own awareness of yourself and to connect with the universe. Let's find the path that is best for you in 2016.

Remember: You have full control over your life choices no matter what the cards say. Never base any important life decisions based on a reading by any one! No medical questions, no lottery numbers, or questions about legal issues! Some things need to be addressed by a professional in that field and not by ANY reader! (Including me!)

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