Paranormal Review Radio: The Ghost Box-Do They Really Work?

Everyone has heard about the Ghost Box, Frank's Box, Joe's Box as well as the numerous online and phone apps that claim to communicate with spirits. Luci and Anthony have used the Ghost Bix on many of their investigations and have has some unexplainable results...but do they truly work or is it just a matter of hearing what we want to hear in the moment?
Michael J. Baker, founder of and the creator of the new blogsite The Pierian has made it his mission to scientifically examine all claims of the paranormal and use a realistic approach to his hypothesis regarding the methods and means we as paranormal investigators use to communicate with the afterlife.
Luci and Anthony will discuss with Michael the field of Ghost Box and what makes them believable and whether or not they are accurate and valid. Both Anthony and Luci have differing opinions on this topic so this will surely be an interesting conversation to say the least.
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