Paranormal World Radio Host Hawk & Todd ~ 8-5-14 (Guest Evan Jensen Goes Insane)

Paranormal World Radio Host Hawk & Todd ~ 8-5-14 (Guest Evan Jensen Goes Insane)

READ THIS ALL: Paranormal World Radio is owned by Hawk and Karen Spearman as U.O.T.P. is a major radio network which Streams hot topics ranging from Native American Issues,Ghosts ,Cryptic, UFOs, Media, News and much more. This show is broadcasts internationally and via satellite it is very reputable so make sure you check them out at ( by searching UOTP Radio or join their chatroom at (!chat-and-listen/c114g). Hawk is an ex cop, bounty hunter and a PI very intelligent man who had his family threatened that is because the man he interviewed is a felon and also mine was too so we want to show the world the real Evan word for word so everyone can see for themselves that he is a liar, thief and a disrespectful individual within the paranormal field. You can also find UOTP on FB at which is a very well respected radio show so give them a LIKE!

This is an interview with Evan Jensen who is operates Spring Creek Demon Busters but also illegally stole Darkside Radio which was copyrighted by Carol Malone as she has provided the public with the ISBN numbers as proof thus blogtalkradio canceled both his shows for defamation, copyright infringements, threats and bullying. Pay very close attention to this clip taken on 8/5/14 as Hawk Interviews Evan. It all starts at the 9:31 timestamp when Evan proclaims that he recovers stolen property he says that is what he does Hawk ask him if he is law enforcement then Evan changes his story. At the 13:45 Timestamp Evan begins to argue with the host as Hawk tells him that it is up to the D.A.and law enforcement to do their job not him. At the 14:00 minute timestamp Evan starts slandering something he has done to our group calling me a drug dealer, child molester, fraud and about 150 other paranormal groups etc NOW this is where it gets very insane continue reading! At the 14:40 timestamp Evan refuses to let Hawk talk becomes very rude by interrupting him host tells Evan he will cut him off the air. At the 15:12 timestamp he tells Hawk does he want to kiss Christina Georges Ass. At the 15:30 timestamp Hawk addresses the issue that Evan stole his friends shows name (Beyond The Edge Of Reality) from an Eric Altman which we addressed this in 2013 that is when Evan began slandering us. At 16:09 Evan proclaims that his family was threatened which is a BOLD face lie Christina nor anyone involved has ever made threats to Evan nor his family but again keep in mind he is slandering and trying to get pity. At the 16:37 timestamp Evan calls the host the most Dumbest Motherf*cker he has ever met. Listen to this clip as Evan has a complete meltdown as he is confronted with brutal honesty!

We thank Hawk for allowing us to use this clip as we will use it to promote his show but also as an news source to prevent anti bullying which is what Evan is. We have proof of this at the following link: and this is the REAL Beyond The Edge Of Reality with Eric Altman which Evan Stole and has been using that name to gain fame on facebook and through various radio show sites. The REAL Beyond The Edge Of Reality is at I have enhanced the sound amplifying it, removing noise etc and converting it to studio quality for the viewers to fully understand the complexity of the situation during this heated discussion.

To learn about who we are you can find me at:

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