Paranormal-X : Barnsley Pit, DEMONIC, Ouija, Ghosts, Paranormal Investigation.

Paranormal-X : Barnsley Pit, DEMONIC, Ouija, Ghosts, Paranormal Investigation.

The Paranormal-X team visit Barnsley Colliery Main Pit (Also known as Oaks Pit) ON 26-02-2016 to try and find any evidence of spiritual and paranormal activity on the land.

The land itself is a mass grave to over 300 poor souls who lost their lives here in mining explosions dating back to the 1800's.

The team encounted something very dark, and negative while on investigation here. So dark infact, that we believe it was demonic.

This video also contains footage of a ouija board session and we stress these are something you should never do, unless you have experience and knowledge of how to use them, and even then, to use caution. Mark has many years of working withing the paranormal and has done hundreds of ouija board sessions, this does not make him immune form spiritual attachment or worse, but he does have strict rules and ways to work the board to keep everyone as safe as possible before, during and after using it.

The land here, in our opinion, is at the stage of demoninc infestation. This is not the same as demonic oppression or possession and has most likely been at this stage for quite some time.

Cast: Mark Smith Psychic Medium and lead investigator, Kyle Thompson and Ricky Darbyshire.
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