Part 1 - Half Past Dead Radio LIVE With Roger Belt & Special Guest "Lord Rick Rowe" of PGS

Check out the rebroadcast with this special episode of Half Past Dead Radio LIVE with Robert Belt who interviews Lord Rick about a series of cases files that took place from April 15th to 18th of 2014. Also included is the Showers Lake Bigfoot Encounter, strangeness surrounding the Donner Lake Railroad tunnels, haunted mines, dangers of paranormal adventuring, offroading and much more. You can check out The Paranormal & Ghost Society at and Rogers show at this was a solid half hour of the unexplained. Enjoy!!

You can skip past the technical difficulties and get straight to the interview if you want at the 7:20 timestamp for some reason blogtalkradio was not allowing the show to air publicly so this is a private show only heard fully through our youtube channel! Also if you wish to listen to part 2 or the second half of the interview that can be found at

Also please check us out if you need paranormal help or have any questions at:
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