Part 10 American Flats "Ghost & Critical Activity"

Part 10 American Flats "Ghost & Critical Activity"

This may be our most prized video as you are about to see an apparitions in the tunnels which go directly under the main building. What I am about to reveal to you is real. I walked down the stairwell into the tunnel system turned back around real quick and at 18 seconds their is a blur to the upper left hand corner then it fades. At 20 seconds their is a face it may be difficult to see so will be posting stills on our site in the future.

At approximately at the 1 minute mark if you turn up the sound you will hear our Gauss meter giving rapid high read outs. This fluctuation occurred shortly after the ghost caught at 20 seconds which at the time I did not see while filming.

Austin is holding the light to the meter to measure the read outs while the alarm rang. I had him pull away the light and put it next to the meter again to show the audience that it does not effect the meter in anyway. Ghost can give off a higher amount of ions thus causing Gauss to go off.

You have to admit its quite odd that we walked down into the tunnels then out of nowhere the meter starts going off rapidly giving high readouts. Their is no power-lines connecting near American Flats as we had medium EMF activity here to quite frequently.

You tube may blur the footage a bit however we have the original video which is much more clear. Check us out at
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