Parts of the Portal, why they are important and a Vocibus Session!

Parts of the Portal, why they are important and a Vocibus Session!

Many have asked me why their portals do not sound like mine. I see others making what they are calling "THE PORTAL" - yet they are using all different parts and they do not work, in any way, like the real portal.

I decided to make this video to help save some of you money as spending $300 on a amp and pedals to save $200 on a real portal will not yield you the same sound or results as what the real portal design does.

I spent nearly a year testing TONS of pedals, effects, amps. What worked and blew my mind is what you see in my videos. Other pedals, other variations, other apps, all fell short and did nothing to really enhance the source.

Basically, there is ONE real portal and you can easily make your own using my instructions at I DO NOT and NEVER have sold them. ;)

If you alter the parts, the amp or any of it, it will not work like what you see me using. There are around 130 real portals out there from those who have made them.

It's an amazing device that will help ANY app, softare or box by giving the spirits a MUCH easier time to come through. I use it with a P-SB7, Jensen Hack, Joe's Box and any and all apps or software as it will enhance them all.

The Vocibus works so different without the portal. It's crazy and I can not explain it - it just works. So do not try to skimp as you will not get these results using generic pedals or parts. It would be a waste of money IMO and all you will be doing is amplifying your source.

The ONLY Noise pedal that will work correctly is the Decimator II.

Reverb pedals from my fave to least, but all work as they are not as important as the Noise Decimator II.

1. Afterneath
2, Supermoon Chrome
3. TC T2

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