Pennhurst Case. The Unseen Footage an Investigation by Living Dead Paranormal.

The video is an unseen footage from a 2012 investigation at the infamous Pennhurst Asylum which as been referred to as "The Shame of Pennsylvania". Abuse, neglect, sorrow, pain and desperation has been imprinted into the wall and the land where the asylum still standing, a vortex of dark energy. All the lost souls that still roaming the location trying to find peace or to tell their story, or simply looking for somebody who will listen to them and give them the consideration that has been denied to them while alive as a human being, are fuel for the constant activity that still have a big impact on the investigators looking for evidence. The Living Dead Paranormal Crew travels to spring City, PA to investigate what is called one of the most haunted locations in the world. A deeper look inside Pennhurst highlighting court documents and actual footage from the 1960's
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