Private Residential Stonehouse Gloucestershire Evidence 090313

Private Residential Stonehouse Gloucestershire Evidence 090313

A couple and their 2 young children moved into a house which is approximately 25 years old, however after living in their house for 2 years the couple has had enough and decided to seek some help.

Over the course of the years the things they were experiencing became more worrying and seemed to be centred around their youngest child.

Some of the things this young child has experienced have resulted in the child waking up in the middle of the night; screaming, crying, shaking and cowering in the corner of her cot.

The parents of this child are a little concerned as they have heard unexplainable tapping on her cot. The stairs also seem to hold their own experiences as the pet dog refuses to go up the stairs and has only gone up the stairs about 3 times, and that was with great reluctance.

On one occasion a box was left on the top of the landing and was securely placed, yet somehow managed to come flying down the stairs with no one being upstairs. The family also claim to capture glimpses of 'something' on the stairs out of the corner of their eyes. In the bathroom, although the window is shut, the pictures in the window mysteriously fall over without reason.

When we took our mediums John and Rita to the premises they came up with some surprising answers.

The youngest who often talks to herself and stairs at random things has an imaginary friend. This John said was a little girl of about 4 years old and could be link as the spirit of an family member that either, sadly, past before birth or not to long after.

Upstairs John & Rita picked up on an angry male spirit who, even though was there was only in visitation.
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