Purissima California - Part 3 "Journeying Through The Redwood Grove"

Our second day on our journey brought us up to the Purssima Creek Redwood Preserve where we backpack on a rainy and foggy morning through a grove. Most of the trees found in the grove were cut down due to heavy lumbering. Their was at least seven sawmills along the creek you see in this clip and more then often they floated the redwoods down to Purissima to be cut then shipped via railroad. Allot of that wood lumbered went to the building of Half Moon Bay and even parts of San Francisco. While some of the trees cut in this grove were used in construction of Purissima particularly Henry Dobbel's amazing mansion he built in the center of town. Today the trees you see are first and second generation but at one time some of the trees that grew in this grove were over 1200 years old and enormous. This journey should give our viewers an idea of how desolate this preserve is. Back in the day many of the lumberers lived in Purissima but worked day after day in this grove cutting down these trees here it was dangerous work these trees were widow makers. This beautiful rain forest resides just a few miles above the ghost town which makes it relevant to the towns early history.

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