Real Ghost Documentary - Old Haunted Prison - Pentridge Prison Australia Evil demonic spirits

Real Ghost Documentary - Old Haunted Prison - Pentridge Prison Australia Evil demonic spirits

DOCUMENTARY Created by Ghost Cases Official

Ghost Cases is an Australian Paranormal Ghost Investigation Group that goes on Adventures to try and attempt to capture any Paranormal proof on Camera. We want more EVIDENCE and we want to show it to YOU!


We have made it our quest to attempt to give the world the best Paranormal Evidence that can be found on YouTube.

All our unexplained captures are legitimate and are not faked in anyway.

We are the real deal and we aim to give those a better understanding.

We cannot explain the Paranormal.. Our goal is not to convince others or persuade others to believe in the Paranormal, we are simply giving you our captures and finds that we believe are "Unexplained" and we cannot properly debunk in anyway.

We allow you to watch our captures and unexplained events so you can judge for yourself.

Please help us grow our channel, help us on our quest and our adventures regarding the paranormal proof and the possible existence of spirits in the after life.

This location was filmed in the old Pentridge Prison in Coburg Australia, Melbourne.

This is our recorded tapes/film and we present this to you.

Ghost Cases Official(Channel name) presents our First OFFICIAL Documentary.

Afterlife Activity is the Official name of our ghost investigation group/crew.

We have FOUR members of our team now, but the three of us - Harley Winchester, Harley Scheffer & Troy Huysmans are in this Documentary

We .

We take our investigations very seriously but we also like to enjoy the investigation and have fun!

We like to bring a good feeling to the investigations and not a negative feeling, we like to present the truth to the viewers and try to convince those who believe, and those who do not believe that there is unexplained activity that happens behind closed doors.

We put a lot of effort into our documentaries, episodes, etc and we also have to pay to investigate the location.

We take our investigations 100% serious and we bring to you REAL video clips that we believe is evidence of the Paranormal.

We like to use provocation to receive a response (We only use provocation we believe that the spirits we are interacting with have committed any crime on humanity that they have been sentenced for.

We respect all spirits that we encounter.

This Documentary is 100% REAL. The only EDITING that has been done is for PRESENTATION PURPOSES ONLY.
Some clips have been increased in brightness for viewing purposes or slowed down for viewing purposes.

We believe we have received excellent evidence regarding the Paranormal.

We ask you to please Subscribe, like & Share/comment!

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoy!
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