Real Ghost Investigation At Haunted Burial Ground In Dorchester

Real Ghost Investigation At Haunted Burial Ground In Dorchester

This is our Ghost Investigation at Haunted Burial Ground in Dorchester. Judge Jeffreys condemned a lot of people to death at this very location.

Beware it is a very scary Real Ghost Video and what you're going to watch is a real Ghost Hunt by Real Ghost Hunters. Nothing on this video is fake and it's not created for entertainment purposes.

During our times Ghost Investigating, we have caught a lot of Paranormal Activity and Demon Activity.
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We are two Real Ghost Hunters are named Glen and Ahmed. We have been investigating the Most Haunted and Scariest locations around the UK for 11 years now and caught some of the best Paranormal Activity on Youtube, we have caught Scary Demon Poltergeist Activity on Tape. We have even caught Real Ghosts moving on video. We have had moments, where Demons attacks have happened to us during Scary Ouija board sessions, we have also suffered Demonic Possessions. What we have caught will shock the Paranormal Believers and the Skeptics too.

For this episode we travelled to Maumbury rings in Dorchester.

The ditch was created by digging a series of funnel-shaped shafts, each 10 metres deep, which were so closely positioned as to create a continuous trench. Human and deer skull fragments were found in the ditch fill when it was excavated in the early 20th century.

During the Civil War the site was again reused as an artillery fort guarding the southern approach to Dorchester. The site as it exists today is a product of the remodelling during this era - the most significant modification was the large ramp opposite the entrance.

Its amphitheatre role was briefly revived in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, as a place of public execution. In 1685, at the close of the Monmouth Rebellion, Judge Jeffreys ordered eighty of the rebels to be executed here. In 1705 Mary Channing, a nineteen year old woman found guilty of poisoning her husband, was executed by strangulation and burning at the Rings. Thomas Hardy used this event in his poem The Mock Wife, and recorded some details of his research into the event in his personal writings.

Due to the amount of horrific deaths that have taken place at Maumbury rings, it comes to no surprise that it's reputed to be one of the most haunted sites in Dorchester. During this episode we caught a lot of very good EVP'S.
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