Real Poltergeist Activity Caught on Video

Real Poltergeist Activity Caught on Video

Real Poltergeist Activity Caught on Video Surveillance Cameras!

A poltergeist is defined as; a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around. Poltergeists are not really the gatekeepers to Hell like the movies suggest; at least as far as we know. While your typical "ghost' is more of an apparition with no interaction with the physical world. Poltergeists, on the other hand, have been known to move objects, interact with with physical objects and sometimes even with humans. These video clips will show you just a sample of some of the unexplained paranormal phenomena that is happening around the world.

An IT office in Manchester experiences some intense poltergeist activity as doors are opened & slammed shut, drawers are opened and papers are thrown around, even some disruption with the computers.

Then, one person captures ghost activity in their own home as objects are moved around in a mischievous manner.

A book store's surveillance camera captures some unexplained phenomena of a book suddenly floating in midair before being gently set down.

A home in Wales experiences a very violent poltergeist as the video captures dishes and appliances being violently thrown around the kitchen. The source channel of this clip has a LOT of footage of his tempered ghost throwing a fit.

And finally, a woman who was experiencing night terrors was put under video surveillance one night as she slept. This horrifying clip of her levitating or being lifted by a supernatural entity was the result. Yikes!

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