Real Spirit Orbs with EVP Validation Proof in my home. Huff Paranormal.

Real Spirit Orbs with EVP Validation Proof in my home. Huff Paranormal.

So one night I was watching TV with my Fiancee and dog. My dog always sleeps peacfully on the couch. She is tiny and just sleeps. Well, this night she was scared to death, watching something in the air, shaking and trying to hide.

I decided to bring out my video rig and record. I instantly caught two loud EVP's

so I recorded some outside where in the past I was able to capture some incredible EVP evidence. I saw what I thought was insects but saw none outside or with my eyes yet saw these things flying by me, on command, on the camera LCD screen.

I decided to go inside and try in my office.

I waited until everyone went to sleep. I went to my office and sat in my chair and recorded in the room. I asked them to show themselves, and they did, on command, multiple times all the while leaving EVP evidence of their presence, letting me know it was indeed them flying around.

The one that comes towards me as a ball of light after I ask them to fly to me is incredible. It is round, translucent and white. There were NO insects in my house or room, none.

The EVP validation is what nails this down as hard proof that yes, some orbs are real. The ones in photos are usually 99% not but the ones in video that have intelligent flight, with EVP validation, are indeed.

Thanks for watching, if you like this video be sure to watch my others. I have over 100 here all with amazing video evidence. All 100% real.

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