Return To Babylon - The Haunted Silent Film: Returning To Alex's Legend

Return To Babylon - The Haunted Silent Film: Returning To Alex's Legend

Video #110, Episode #82 - Return To Babylon

Tony and Martin here to re-visit a video we did on December 28, 2012, about Return To Babylon, a seemingly-haunted monochromatic silent film directed by Alex Monty Canawati in 2009-2010. After watching a segment about it on a 2010 episode of My Ghost Story on A&E's Bio channel, Tony recorded it onto his iPod, and forgot it until he showed it to Martin 2 years later. Therefore, we made a video regarding what happened.

Basically, the silent film itself is content to seemingly spiritual-demonic images and video clips, subliminally and unknowingly in the film as it was made. It's not anything added, but rather many little "coincidences" found while reviewing and developing the film negatives. Alex Monty, the actors/actresses, and the film crew all suspected the set and locations were haunted or something of the sort.

With evidence in hand and lack of answers, Alex went onto My Ghost Story to talk about his story.

The reason we're coming back to this is because on March 22, Alex himself found out through a friend we made the original video, and went to our Facebook page to thank us! Seeing we were so interested in his story he sent us a newer-found image, and I suggested doing a follow-up update video. He sent us more images and info, so we did it!

This one's for everyone who made Return To Babylon. Enjoy Guys.

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