Rolling Hills Asylum: The Morgue, Part Two: 06.10.13

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This is the fifth in a series of clips from our investigation at Rolling Hills Asylum on 6.10.13. This was one of the most active investigations we've ever been a part of so stay tuned for more really compelling evidence of the paranormal.

This clip is the second part of one group's first session of the night in the morgue. There was so much activity that went on here that we had no choice but to split this into two videos. This session had intelligent EVPs, disembodied laughter, flashlight communication, crazy K2 activity and personal experiences that included one investigator being touched by an entity. We believe based on the communication we had that we made contact with one of the more famous resident ghosts at Rolling Hills Asylum, Roy Crouse. Rolling Hills is the real deal, people, Don't forget to watch part one (preferably first) for the whole story of what happened in the morgue that night. Enjoy!
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