S1/E2: My HAUNTED Home | Real POLTERGEIST Activity | PARANORMAL Activity Caught On Tape

S1/E2: My HAUNTED Home | Real POLTERGEIST Activity | PARANORMAL Activity Caught On Tape

Part 2: Real poltergeist activity caught on camera in my home. At approx 2:40am last night I was kept awake by yet more strange banging around the house downstairs. Also to some bizarre scratching sounds again, but this time they were on my upstairs hallway. Before I went to bed, I decided to take the advice from you all, to leave a camera recording. So I did, and I placed it in the most active part of the house, my downstairs hallway. Yes the exact same hallway all previous paranormal activity has been seen by you all during past LIVE investigations at my home. Upon reviewing the footage in this video, I didn't really know what to expect, if anything, despite the house been extremely active and becoming more so just as of late, but what I discovered in the footage sent chills down my spine.

Please leave your thoughts and theories in the comments section, even if you don't believe in ghosts, or think this is fake, or any other criticism you may have, I would love to hear as even I myself, as said countless times in the past, question everything! Not everything you see on YouTube, Tv or what ever is real, but rest assured, this is, and its certainly left me baffled!

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New content uploaded daily, or as and when the paranormal activity happens, and of course is caught if I'm able to.

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