Sandra Bland: SPIRIT BOX SESSIONS. Attempting to find answers.

Sandra Bland: SPIRIT BOX SESSIONS. Attempting to find answers.


By request of several of those who follow my work, many (over 50 of you) have asked me to try to find answers on the Sandra Bland case, and if I get over 50 requests, I will do a video for what is being asked. It's also amazing research to see just what is possible. One day in the future I am confident we will have these devices perfected, like a real "telephone to the dead"

This could be one of my most special sessions...ever. Thanks to the Vocibus and SCD-1 and GeoBox.

The SCD-1 and Vocibus for those who will ask can be found at:

DISCLAIMER: Take all you see here for what it is, a MYSTERY. While these devices 100% connect with SOMETHING out of our world, and something with intelligence, we just DO NOT KNOW what it is we speak with. They tell us they are spirits, lost souls, and even Angels but again, no way to prove it.

This technology would never ever be used in a court of law, so take it for what it is. Spirit Box sessions with direct replies about what I am asking.

I have been doing this work for years and use teh latest and more technical advanced equipment for ITC (Spirit Communication.)

All that you see here and in all of my 250+ videos here on this channel are 100% real. What you see and hear is what came out in the recordings.

I am using the Portal in this video, which you can see MUCH more of on this channel. I also use my SCD-1 app along with the Vocibus app - both to me are the best apps in this field, without questions. I also use the amazing GeoBox III, the best all in one spirit box on the planet.

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Thank you!

PS - if you decided to hate and talk trash in the comments, they will never see the light of day as my moderators will remove them. :) I will never even see them. Keep conversation positive and with love as negativity sucks the soul from us. Thank you!
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