Saturday night, Paranormal Pillow Talk After dark, LIVE, REAL, Spirit communication.

Saturday night, Paranormal Pillow Talk After dark, LIVE, REAL, Spirit communication.


SATURDAY night, Paranormal Pillow Talk After dark, LIVE, REAL, Spirit communication.

Details to follow! This time Wayne will be here in person so the show will be very dynamic. I will post what it is going to be about later in the week.

We do this because we love the paranormal and like hanging out with EVERYONE who is in chat. It is simply a time of the week that we all get to be together to do some cool experiments with Ghost Boxes, or EVP recorders, SLS Cameras for visual validation and Ovilus to see if we get similar answers across the board.

Please understand that with chat members edging 130 at one time the chat side bar moves so fast that not everyone's questions can be attended to. There is only one of me and when I am doing a show based on a topic, or situations like what happened the last couple weeks, then the show becomes led by the spirit communication.

These are not "Productions" like Ghost Adventures, etc. This is LIVE and real and wherever the spirits or topic takes us is where we follow and that can not be mapped out despite the best efforts to do so.

During the shows there is ALWAYS a time period set aside to try to help others connect with their loved ones via ghost box, or even SLS camera communication but we can not possibly do every single person.

I spend 5 and 6 hours every week doing this, and sometimes another 5 hours the next night for a total of 10-12 hours of communication. I have a regular life when the cameras go off.

I can not do this 7 days a week, I wish I could. I would help every single person who seeks it. But that is just not possible. There are many in our field that love to help as well, all you have to do is ask them. I do not know who takes request or does not, but please, if you do not get your person during one of our shows, seek out one of the other amazing You Tube Ghost Boxer's to aide you as well.

Contrary to what one person said in a 20 minute video about my show yesterday, I find it highly offensive that he is slamming me because he listens to a MINOR child who comes to every show and speaks of wanting to commit suicide, and YES he asks every week for me to speak to his deceased Uncle. I have done this a dozen times. His Uncle has never responded via ghost box, Ovilus, or SLS camera. But, he sought out someone on You Tube and told him I refused to help him and then blocked him. This is 100% FALSE.

I do NOT generally even agree to do any communication for a MINOR CHILD. I told him if his parents called me on the phone and wanted a private session via Skype I would do that, but that I was not going to do this with a Minor child. Despite this, he continued to come to every show and speak of very bad things. I do not feel that as a rule, Minors should be permitted to take part in a serious Paranormal Live event. My shows are for 18 and Over for a reason.

Now I am going to have to get very STRICT with my rule. I have seen many minors at others shows that have been taken over by demons and have become suicidal because they should NOT Be opening up to the spirit world PERIOD. I have ethics and I wont change them for anyone.

If people feel that I am ignoring them, I apologize. As I said there is only ONE Of me and only so many hours in a show. I feel that 5 to 6 hours is a huge bit of dedication to the field I love.

I do not seek fame or money. I charge for NOTHING. I have a very small channel, and do not get a lot of views and do not care about them. If someone likes what I do I love having them. If you feel I am not authentic in what I give of my heart then maybe my show is not a good fit for you. But I give 100% of myself every week now for nearly 1 year and 8 months. With out fail.

To those that direct their video at me because I have a lot of Equipment, shame on you. I will not apologize for having state of the art equipment for investigating what I love. No one needs the same gear we have period. All you need is a recorder, a ghost box, and maybe a pendulum. Nothing else.

If you don't have that yes you can come and borrow my stuff anytime you want, but I can not do 100 plus members communication and do the actual show and experiments too.

I do not understand this hate and jealousy in this community of fellow researchers towards the other. So petty and makes everyone look really bad.
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