SB7 (rev3) "MooMoo-Mode"(links in description for if you have an sb7 & want to try 'Magnitude-mode')

SB7 (rev3) "MooMoo-Mode"(links in description for if you have an sb7 & want to try 'Magnitude-mode')

so you have an PSB7 and can't deal with that faux (yes it ISNT real) white noise? I have many spirit boxes; so many I decided to sell some as they got practically zero use and at the time was behind with our rent... so click this very early video (probably like my 3rd - 6th ever) on how to access a mode that kills that white noise and has gained me MOST of my best captures that are beyond absolute 'doubt' of the intelligence and clarity (yeah... something the psb7 isn't generally known for by along shot...) I've ever managed to garner!

so this is how to do it...
DISCLAIMER: seems to work on only the revision 3 model but if you don't have that one- try anyway.... you never know.

and here isa livestream that had amazing intelligence and clarity using this hack.
you wouldn't even recognise this was a psb7 and NO there were no guitar noise gates or filters used. litterally the psb7 and an amp and speaker as is!

second of all - I am really behind with emails; most importantly from my PA who litterally is what that title suggests- im sorry, but Missie-Camaro aka 'MooMoo' returns to school tommorow so im trying to get everything ready such as washing uniform and arranging+paying for school lunches etc etc - I will get back to you, I've put a star next to your emails, just hang tight, I recieve a lot of emails as I don't do Fakebook etc (fan page Does not count - that's somebody emulating me; I don't even know if it is even updated today but just so you know- that isn't me, and witter is my wife- not me either!)
so if I don't reply or acknowledge by Tuesday- resend it.... and to the person wanting to know about personal sessions...."yes" - but be aware there is a 0.00001% successful contact would happen. do you really want to go through this emotional turmoil for what really probably won't be?! I've skim read the email and understand your desperation for anything of anything for contact with him, but I feel I need to reply properly and don't have immediate time at this moment - I just needed you to know I've received it; I am willing to try for you, but honestly this is such a shot in the dark- I know you are new here and seeking answers but I don't want to sugar coat it. I will respond to you tommorow with reasons etc. I just wanted you to know I've received your request - but preparing you for my reply that may not be what you wish to hear... and im sorry. feel free AFTER I respond that if you wish to ask elsewhere, unsub or whatever- that is absolutely fine and understandable. I just have short time today and hope this message gets to you anonymously at least....

thirdly - PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER (and if you are new and find you have actually got something from this channel....)

[Fuel in the UK is the equivalent of $10 (u.s) per gallon!! - and electric officially allegedly rose by 53% but the truth of it is for me and several others I've spoke too is more like 103%! no exaggeration here! and is set to rise in October by another 30% (what 30% of before or after the actual 103%???) - and of course food and everything else is doing the same if not as much yet wages are not moving at all... meanwhile our lovely chancellor thinks he's awesome for dropping 5p off tax per litre on fuel but the stations don't pass it on at all... not that that is much help and his self congratulation at this is so out of touch - especially as the headlines in the newspapers today said he bought a new swimming pool that will cost £13k just to heat! I know that yes the UK is one of the worst to be hit with living costs but also the rest of the world has also had some impact; all i ask is, if you feel you have gained any value from this channel at all, then consider a tip to keep us going - it matters not how small you feel it is. every penny counts. both of us work and both trying to gain better positions. you will be credited in the next decent upload too. many thanks and don't feel bad if you want too but can't as you too are struggling]


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[Thank you very much for your pledges. You have no idea how this token amount really helps out. I am astounded for not demanding patrean exclusives so nobody misses out! Drop out and drop in as you please, no notices needed ~ Forever greatful for the support that keeps the magnitude household afloat in these what feels like eternally stormy seas!]
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