SCARIEST GHOST ACTIVITY - Real Paranormal Activity Part 10

SCARIEST GHOST ACTIVITY - Real Paranormal Activity Part 10

Scariest Ghost Activity EVER in my Haunted house. Creepy Ghost footsteps caught on tape

I felt like I was being watched when walking up my stairs and I started to hear footsteps and strange noises following me. I decided to grab my camera and start recording and this is the paranormal activity I captured.

This is REAL Paranormal Activity caught on tape

Since a child I have had real paranormal experiences. It all started in my first family home where I was repeatedly tormented by spirits. I would be pulled out of bed, have my name called it even affected my family including my sister who also experienced a lot of crazy paranormal activity. On this channel I will continue to Document the activity through these videos so please keep checking back and watching.

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