SCARY! Real PARANORMAL Ghost Hunt HAUNTED Sallie House DAY 3 p.1 Demon Ouija Board Devil

Real paranormal live ghost hunt broadcast, from one of the worlds most haunted houses the Sallie House. Types of Paranormal Activity that have been reported at this location include, poltergeist (ghost moving objects), demonic scratches and scratching, evp (ghost voices), physical contact (ghost punching, pushing), dark shadows, ghostly mists, and disembodied voices. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE LIVESCIFI.TV FAMILY. The demon beelzebub is also reported to manifest at this location. Some of the tools the team will use to document paranormal activity are the Ovilius, Ganzfeld, Ouija, Ghost Box, EVP, and many more...what will the team encounter...find out!

This will be a live interactive event, to get the latest updates regarding the show and to use our free chat, and additional camera views please visit Also please SUBSCRIBE to be a part of the family, new paranormal videos, live ghost hunts, and paranormal talk shows uploaded every week!

This will be a live 72 hour event, however due to youtube live limits the live show will be in 4 hour increments.

***to contact us during the LIVE SHOW SEND US A TWEET @LIVESCIFI***
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