Seance, LIVE ON YOUTUBE | Glass moves – no hands, Copper Dowsing Rods Paranormal experiment.
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Seance, LIVE ON YOUTUBE | Glass moves – no hands, Copper Dowsing Rods Paranormal experiment.

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Seance, | Glass moves – no hands, Copper Dowsing Rods Paranormal experiment.
This video is taken from our 9th of June Youtube live stream where we attempted to conduct a séance without our hands directly touching the glass.
In place of our hands we used copper dowsing rods in a cross formation around the stem of the glass. Resting the rods in our hands, so that it would be impossible for us to inadvertently move the glass (don’t think so, give it a try).
Notice the responses from the HUFF PARANORMAL SCD2 in the background And notice how spirit are directing us during the experiment.

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