second sight radio (part 8 of 8)

second sight radio (part 8 of 8)


Meet The Host

Christopher George is just like the guy next door, provided that guy is a gifted psychic medium, healer, exorcist, paranormal investigator metaphysical teacher and radio and television celebrity! Approachable, friendly and with a heart of gold, Chris is really the "everyman" psychic. He cares about people and wants to help them on their life path while dispelling fear and shedding light on spirits and the afterlife. Chris is straightforward and shares all the information that spirit provides. You will often hear him say Don't ask me a question that you really don't want an answer to. He doesn't sugarcoat but anyone who follows the advice he channels during readings will benefit from the other-worldly guidance, insights and information. World famous, Chris has performed spiritual cleansing and exorcisms on two continents. He is creator and host of his own Second Sight cable show. His Second Sight NYC radio show has a weekly listenership of more than 750,000! Chris has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including Maury, The Psychic Eye, Intentions TV, Absoluteleigh, Visions Into Tomorrow and has been a regular guest on Famed Psychic Joyce Keller's show. He is presently in negotiations with the Sci-Fy Cable Network to create and star in a new show! Chris is founder and lead investigator of "Second Sight Paranormal", a Staten Island, New York, based team that has done scores of investigations. Clairaudient and clairvoyant Chris' talents include: Psychic Medium and Channel, Seances, Spiritual Healing & Circles, Exorcisms and Removal of Attachments, Aura Readings, Space Clearings, Psychic Development Teacher, as well as Hosting Psychic and Paranormal Events.

Victor “The Voice” Fuhrman Rev. Victor Fuhrman, MSC, is an interfaith minister, spiritual channel, author and paranormal investigator who is currently on two investigation teams in New York. He is an expert contributor to, the world's largest spirituality site. As a minister, he has served as a healer and spiritual counselor to the sick and dying, and has helped many people make the transition through the death experience over the past 20 years. He also specializes in sending earthbound spirits “into the light.” He is co-host with renowned psychic Medium Christopher George of “Second Sight NYC Radio”, a weekly two-hour show with a weekly average audience of 750,000. He also has been interviewed He also has been interviewed extensively on the topic of death, dying and paranormal investigation. His work has been re-enacted for A&E’s “Unexplained” and he was featured on a “paranormal” episode of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels.” He is co-author of Pet Prayers and Blessings (Sterling, 2008), a book to help pet owners bless their pets and also get through pet loss. He is a contributing writer and researcher to Your Interfaith Wedding ( 2010),The Goddess Pages (2008), Wedding Goddess (2005) and was a key researcher for the book Meta-Physician On-Call, by Steven E. Hodes, MD. He has been a group leader for an internet-based network of healers around the world, since 1990.

Victor is creator of EnerVision, a curriculum designed to teach psychic self-empowerment and healing with the emphasis on these things being very natural, rather than supernatural. In support of the work of healers across the country, he's been called upon to testify and share his expertise before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He played an important role in helping his spiritual community find healing, spiritual security and feel peaceful in the new world of post 9-11 life in New York City. During that time, he offered meditation groups and spiritual survival counseling and he helped with disaster relief work as a volunteer chaplain serving families and rescue workers affected by the World Trade Center attacks. Educated and trained in all the world's religions, he is a graduate and of the New Seminary, one of the world's premier institutions for the training and ordination of ministers versed in service to people of all faiths and backgrounds. His popular columns and features have been published around the world, in magazines and on the Internet, including,, and and he is hailed for his ability to write on complex metaphysical and spiritual topics in a very down to earth way. A former armed forces broadcast journalist, he is a storyteller by nature, and an inspiring public speaker. He brings unconditional love, and an inspiring public speaker. He brings unconditional love, compassion and a great sense of humor to his ministry. In addition to his spiritual work and service, he serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AWISCO Corp, a leading welding and industrial supply distributor in New York. He lives in New York City with his wife, partner and soulmat
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