Snag Lake - Part 2 "Smokey The Lord Rick"

Nothing and I mean nothing pisses me off more then when someone does not put out there fires. I was exploring Snag Lake then came back to find hot embers at the bottom of this ring that the winds were kicking up them also blowing them onto the forest floor as I arrived and thus I had to get into action or who knows what could have happened. You can see how hot it is the second time I have my son get water to pour onto it so what I did is smothered it then after the video put more water on it to prevent the embers from leaving the ring and smothering the oxygen which keeps them burning. Just call me Smokey The Lord Rick put out your fires and help me preserve our national forest in the sierras. Spread the message it all starts with YOU! Just because you have a ring does not guarantee that their is no fire threat or risk never leave hot embers burning!
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