Sorrel-Weed Ghost Hunters Tour

This is from my September 25, 2009 Ghost Hunters tour of the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah. The home has been beautifully restored and has a scandalous past. Francis Sorrel came to the US from Hispaniola. He left his country just before a slave revolt broke in 1793. His mother was of half French and Haitian heritage. Francis denied his Haitian heritage and it is said that his mothers family placed a voodoo curse on him when he left. He married Lucinda Moxley and had 2 children. She was found dead at the age of 29 from the Yellow Fever. He then married her sister, Matilda with whom he had 8 more children. As did many wealthy families of the time, the Sorrel family has slaves that worked for them. Francis had a romantic relationship with one of the slaves, Molly. When Matilda caught Francis and Molly together, she committed suicide by jumping head first into the courtyard. Two short weeks after her suicide, Molly was found hanging dead in her room. The original explanation was that Molly, overcome with grief and shame from her affair subsequent suicide of Matilda, committed suicide herself. Though many believed Molly's death was the result of her own doing, the scene offered little evidence to support it. Apparently, there was nothing nearby that Molly would have stood on in order to hang herself. The Ghost Hunters crew investigated the Sorrel-Weed home in 2005 and captured an EVP from the carriage house that reveals a female voice shouting "...NO!... STOP!...HELP!...OH MY GOD!..." It is now believed that one of Matildas' children hired someone to murder Molly. Whatever the case, the Sorrel-Weed house still holds the memory of the events that took place and those memories are heard by many that tour this home. My experience was great and I plan to return to see what else I can document!
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