Southerners GHOST HUNTING in a CREEPY BASEMENT at 3AM Chasing SHADOW MAN -The Paranormal Side- 4K

Southerners GHOST HUNTING in a CREEPY BASEMENT at 3AM Chasing SHADOW MAN -The Paranormal Side- 4K

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The 1870s Octagon Mansion Part 3,
Kari and Joe investigate the creepy old Octagon basement and encounter a shadow man or Ghost. So stay tuned in and hope you enjoy the video. To SUBSCRIBE to The Paranormal Side and see more videos like these, Click Here:

This is where they have Dinner with a ghost
The mansion’s most well know ghost is a little girl who died tragically during the 1950’s polio epidemic. Or, is there another ghost said to throw rocks. Some say this is the “scariest place” in Virginia.
Civil War soldiers who died on the land outside the home have been reported, and spirits from the graveyard that sits underneath the mansion.
Wytheville was also called– “The Avenue of Death” - in 1863
Serving as a home it’s also been a bakery and a real estate office before standing empty for a decade. After new owners called in paranormal investigators, the house has been a hotbed of spooky activity and a regular location for professional investigators and ghost hunters to visit.
“Dinner with a ghost,” evening organized by John Cushman where twenty curious visitors attended the house, its spirits were asked if they would like the visitors to leave, and to give a sign. Guests were astonished when the locked front door flew open, not once but twice.
Investigators also report speaking with the spirit of the little girl who says she died in the building. And, one skeptic left the house running after he felt a hand on his shoulder in the basement.

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