SPAR Investigation: Magnolia Street Cemetery, Spartanburg, SC 3

SPAR Investigation: Magnolia Street Cemetery, Spartanburg, SC 3

SPAR Investigation: Magnolia Street Cemetery, Spartanburg, SC. Investigators: Kia (Special guest!!), Mort, Andrea, and Meagan. This is also our first investigation with the Ovilus!!

Sadly, one of Spartanburg's oldest cemeteries has also been a frequent hot spot for vandalism. The historic figures buried here would probably frown on the way it has been treated. Fortunately, there have also been many groups promoting the historic value and need to preserve this place.

Mr. Jesse Cleveland first donated the land for the burial ground in 1838 (it is said there was a small family cemetery most likely here beforehand). It was originall known as the Village Burying Ground, and some of the oldest, and still decipherable, gravestones do date to 1810. In 1914, several bodies were moved for the expansion of railroad through the area. Hosea Dean (the first true mayor of the area) was buried in 1865 in a mausoleum, but his body was later removed and placed in Washington D.C.. (It is said there are drunken parties held in the tomb even in those days). Mrs. Victor Montgomery donated the lockable gates in 1974. This is just a brief history of a very old graveyard. There are many more stories and notable figures, but on to the video!!

(Information from Herald-Journal(1976), and Google searches)

Please note the following:

Our crew does not condone nor encourage anyone to imitate any actions we may take. Breaking and entering is a very serious crime we do not want anyone to do, and we do not do it ourselves. Please obtain permission before attempting any investigation on private property. We are not responsible for any one person, crew, or group breaking, entering, getting hurt, dying, or getting arrested/fined. Also please note that we absolutely do not condone damaging, trashing, or vandalizing anything whatsoever. When investigating, please follow our code: Show respect, ask nicely, leave nothing behind. Take only the things you get on film or tape.

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