Spirit Box Sessions: The dead speak and make my KII Meter flash on command.

Spirit Box Sessions: The dead speak and make my KII Meter flash on command.

Another at home session testing a new speaker I bought from Amazon to try and beef up the sound of one of my Boxes. It works GREAT and I highly recommend this $20 tweak for ANY spirit box user. You can buy it or see it at the Amazon link below:


This session was fantastic. Nice clear responses, my name called twice, my fiance's name mentioned twice and them telling me to marry her and that they love her. Wow. Also, I bought a new all black KII meter after selling my old one many months ago. Not only did they activate it, they did it on command after I felt them on me during the session. Yes, this is 100% real. This happened to me twice before but usually nothing happens with the KII. One rule when using the KII..keep your cel phone and any EM pumps away from it because they can create false positives.

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To see the snazzy new black KII meter you can click the Amazon link below:


Thanks for watching and again, be sure to watch my other videos..I have MANY of them with fantastic evidence.
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