Spirits have the last word on Steve Huff 100% PROOF!!

Spirits have the last word on Steve Huff 100% PROOF!!

Cross Spirit ... They WILL call you out!

Respect the afterlife because someday we will all be a part of the New World. The skeptics and Atheists will realise it, my reasons for sharing these with you all is to show how Spirit connects with each and every one of us. Spirits have never attacked me, scratched me or possessed me. I welcome those that come to me, I don't force them.

I am not here to brag about my ability to me this is normal, I'm simply sharing my experiences, each one of us will learn something in a unique way, some are born with ie: the ability to draw (they just know how to hold a pencil) some are born with the gift of song (they sing like Angels), I just happen to have this widely criticised often misinformed gift I've lived this since I were a child. I don't have awards for top in class of Psychic or Medium training, I never trained, some perhaps like me, are approached at an early age and guided by Spiritual beings. And before someone jumps in saying demons, if that were the case I'd be rich, be flying around the world, after all, isn't it said that when a person sells their soul to a demon or the like they want for nothing in this life?
I give my thanks to God, I believe 100% thee is a living God.
So my faith I feel is strong because I know there is a New World waiting. And I look forward to it!

When you think about it, there's more evil the living do as it is, so its these that in my opinion are the demons.
And another thing, I have been told by Spirit never to approach someone randomly in public to tell them of the souls they may have around them. Why? Because often these souls are aiding their healing in some way, publicly drawing attention to that person can be damaging, and prolong real healing to occur, once you walk away who knows what that person goes through, there would only be a minority that this experience will help them in a positive way, for the others' moving on can be stunted and/or psychologically crippled.

Spirit only seek to be acknowledged, accepted and through them we can all see that it's really the living that should be feared, not, the living dead. Then there are Spirit who want only to be left alone, this is why I never force them to communicate, it is up to them, not me or anyone else. And we should respect that, as we would want our wishes respected.

~ Karen

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