Spiritual Reading / Tylee Ryan & JJ (Joshua) Vallow / PSB7 Spirit Box Session Part 1 of 3

Spiritual Reading / Tylee Ryan & JJ (Joshua) Vallow / PSB7 Spirit Box Session Part 1 of 3

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Today my heart aches for Tylee Ryan and JJ (Joshua) Vallow. I was compelled to try a session asking for information about these precious angels. I feel like not only did we get information about Tylee and JJ, but Charles Vallow, Joseph Ryan and Tammy Daybell as well. (Update: Don't forget to watch part 2!)

If you are unfamiliar with this case, just Google it. You will find a ton of information.

Will Chad Daybell tell where the children are? Will Lori Vallow? I sure hope so.

I know others that have been doing readings and sessions asking for information about these children. We should be comparing notes! Please reach out to me if YOU have completed a session asking about Tylee and JJ.

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