Spiritual Reading / Tylee Ryan JJ Vallow still MISSING /PSB7 Spirit Box Session/ Part 3 of 3

Spiritual Reading / Tylee Ryan JJ Vallow still MISSING /PSB7 Spirit Box Session/ Part 3 of 3

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This is my third and final session reaching out about these children. I just cannot get this family off my mind. Where are Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow? Will Lori Vallow bond out of jail? Will Chad Daybell be arrested any time soon? Just how deep involved with all this was Alex Cox? Will the children ever be found?

If you haven't watched the 1st session WATCH IT HERE: https://youtu.be/R2A_BIBmNBM

If you haven't watched the 2nd session WATCH IT HERE: https://youtu.be/XZd_VX_L20Y

I know there's a typo in the beginning of the video, but I cannot change it now without pulling down the video and putting up a new one. I'm just going to have to live with it :(

I've heard all I want to hear about this case. I am praying for all the families tangled up in this mess. I am hoping my information is wrong. I hope and pray these beautiful children are found happy and safe.

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