Spirt answers using K2 meter

Spirt answers using K2 meter

This farm house that we are investigating has no electricity

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We are a family owned and operated paranormal investigation team. We search for life's greatest mysteries, everything on here is 100% real. Most if not all of our videos are clips and enhanced segments of our investigations, so you see the most interesting parts of our evidence. Each one of us has had one of our own ghostly experiences that we look for answers into the unknown. We also investigate UFO’s, Cryptids, and other abnormal occurrences.

Our team consists of,

Sully HIlton: founder/Lead investigator

Ashley HIlton: investigator/Editor

Landon Hilton: investigator/Tech manager/Cameraman

BillyBob Hilton: Investigator

Our equipment consists of,

5 night vision cameras

3 digital recorders

K2 Meter

SB7 Spirit box with portable speaker

Sls camera

3 portable 96 LED IR lights

All our equipment has its own portable power, no electricity needed!!!

Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy
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