Squier Paranormal Series Cyclone - A Mustang, Jaguar & Stratocaster All In One!

Squier Paranormal Series Cyclone - A Mustang, Jaguar & Stratocaster All In One!

Sam checks out the Squier Paranormal Series Cyclone, a super cool guitar that combes elements from the Mustang, Jaguar & Stratocaster. Order yours here: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/squier-paranormal-cyclone-guitar-shell-pink

00:00 Squier Cyclone Intro Demo
00:43 What Is The Squier Paranormal Cyclone?
01:17 Crunch Tone Demo
01:38 Body & Neck Specs
02:30 Distortion Tone Demo
02:50 Hardware Specs & Clean Tremolo Demo
03:20 Pickups & Electronics Specs & Demo
04:43 Outro & Where To Buy

As part of the Paranormal series, the Squier Cyclone is a bit of Frankenstein of a guitar, offering the body shape and shorter scale length of a Fender Mustang, the Tremolo and pickup configuration of a Stratocaster and the switching system from a Jaguar. This all adds up to make a great value, cool, vintage looking guitar with tons of tonal possibilities, making it suitable for a wide range of music and players...an ideal guitar for lo-fi indie, grunge, alternative and surf guitar music alike.

Squier Paranormal Cyclone Main Features:

- Affordable hybrid guitar of three iconic Fender models
- Mustang-style Poplar body
- Shorter 24.75" scale length and slim "C" neck profile , ideal for players with smaller hands
- Pickups and vintage-style tremolo reminiscent of those found on a Stratocaster
- Jaguar-style electronics deliver a versatile array of tonal options
- Fender designed Alnico single coil pickups
- Vintage style tuners
- Available in classic Shell Pink & Daphne Blue finishes


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