Strange signal found in several South Wales haunted houses, amplifies Paranormal Activity P2

Strange signal found in several South Wales haunted houses, amplifies Paranormal Activity P2

Is something very strange happening in the South Wales Valleys.

In over fifteen years of combined Paranormal research and experience, we have not seen a surge of Paranormal activity clustered in a small geographical area quite like this one, but since of the beginning of 2016 we have been flooded with reports of Paranormal activity experienced by residents of the South Wales valleys, particularly centred but not limited to the Rhondda Fawr area. with strange commonalities between each instance. Though for reasons of confidentiality we cannot at this point divulge the full extent of each case, as it may impact further research to come we can discuss some of the common themes that have been experienced.

Strange Electromagnetic field.

One of the common themes is the presence of a strange electromagnetic field remains present from the hours of 7.30pm until the early hours of the morning. This field has been documented throughout the upper Rhondda Fawr with other incidents in Clydach Vale Tonypandy and Penygriag throughout January to late February of this year, (another round of tests will be performed shortly).

The field was first picked up in the Treorchy area, which presented a constant, () reading on multiple electromagnetic sensors, this field usually starts in the upstairs of all the houses investigated and then travels down and outwards like a funnel.

What is most unusual, is a complete reading dropout once the sensor is placed around a metre from the ground. If the sensor was picking up anything underground it would stand to reason that the reading would be strongest closer to it. The same would also be said for any power cables or electrical cables.

What was also interesting was that the field also had shape, as each reading would drop out in certain areas if the sensor was tilted below a 180 degree angle.

After noting this evidence, a two week investigation was launched to try and find the source of this anomalous reading, scans were taken by numerous people, (both believers and sceptics in the Paranormal) which found the same reading throughout Treorchy, to Geli areas of the Rhondda Fawr at the aforementioned times. Scans taken before 7.30pm would yield little to know results, we also tested several vantage points within this area that could point to a cause of the reading including electrical exchange stations. These also yielded no explanation in order to at present come up with a working hypothesis as to the cause.

It is also worth noting that tests were also performed around the Cwmparc area of the Rhondda during this investigation, where no results were found. The field also seemed to increase around the Treorchy/Pentre bypass road between the turn off to the Bwlch and the allotments in Pentre to above (xx)

Increased Physical Manifestation of Spirit activity.

One of the other common threads we have experienced is an increase in physical manifestation of spirit activity, including objects moving on their own accord, doors slamming, spirit appearing in pictures as a manifestation, increased in spiritual attachment and physical attacks such as scrams and marks on arms, legs and other areas of the body.

Though these experiences may seem frightening, it is important to note that not all of have been negative, actually the opposite seems to be true in many instances. Most of these experiences with a few noted exceptions, have resulted in positive changes once the investigation has taken place. However the cause of the increased activity is either, an escalation in the experiencer’s own psychic ability or has been the result of spirits looking for help.

This has been documented on several occasions, and in most instances, where a spirit presence has been found, physical evidence has been documented through the use of ITC research devices or electromagnetic equipment in order to communicate directly with the spirits. Some examples of this can be found in the videos below.


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