Summer Moon-Utah Wells Clip - Full Session Coming Soon! "Where is Mommy?"

Summer Moon-Utah Wells Clip - Full Session Coming Soon! "Where is Mommy?"

Summer Moon-Utah Wells Clip - Full Session Coming Soon! I am currently reviewing a spirit box session that I conducted for Summer Moon-Utah Wells and will be posting the full session in the next day or so.

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I use ITC or Instrumental Trans-Communication to communicate with what I believe are spirits. I have been doing this for many years and yes, all spirit communication attempts are 100% REAL and are done with the utmost of respect, love & compassion for the spirits that I'm speaking to and their families. It is very important to note as I mention in many of my videos, that I can never confirm with 100% certainty who I'm actually speaking to. It may or may not be the spirit that I am attempting to contact. Also, it's very important to note as I state in many of my videos that there may be times, what I believe to be other spirits coming through to my sessions, so please do not assume that it's only the main spirit I am attempting to contact in the title or thumbnail or that he/she even came through in reality as I have no way of confirming that other than my belief. Spirit Communication is very real and has been proven by many others across the world including myself. I take what I do very seriously and will always provide authentic and real content. This video is for Educational & Scientific Purposes only.

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