Superb Session .. Kathy Cook Paranormal

Superb Session .. Kathy Cook Paranormal

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I only annotate direct replies and other words spirits have said that could be relevant to the session or the person who conducted the session,

When listening headphones are always advised as some words can be quiet and some words can sound off or completely different to people when using different speakers or headphones this is down to the differing impedance, wattage, & ohms as well as different types of speakers,
Listening in Mono or Stereo makes a difference to the sound outcome on playback..
I have also taken into consideration regional accents and prononciations.

Using my headphones on this session this is what i heard, if it comes across to other people completely different then that is what you perceive the words to be or not themselves,
Annotation isn't a strict science where the paranormal is concerned as interpretation is left to your own discretion, This is something i learnt in my early years doing evps so my theory is, "if in doubt throw it out".

If i hear something that maybe similar or it may be suspect i will always put a "question mark" or a "maybe" or even a "sounds like" which again is left to the person who is listening so they can either disregard what they hear or interpret words as they hear them for themselves which is what i have done in this session.

I do not and will never use noises generated by the sweep, simply because they are just that noises.
Noises and screeching are NOT words, Some harmonic sounds can sound like words, if the context is right i will use harmonics on occasion.
Substituting sounds and noises for words is NOT conducive and is in fact building a false narrative and misleading.
Also substituting noises for words cannot be presented as evidence to the paranormal scientific community.

Furthermore my technique is to generally lead a session or follow the lead of the person that is conducting a session.
This is the correct method in orchestrating a session, i try not to follow random words spoken during a session that pop up as this leads to being misconstrued and mainly non relevant to questions asked..
My methodology is always to lead a session with a question and listen to the sweep for connecting direct replies. All words annotated have been analysed using Lexis Audio Software and Adobe Premiere.

Presenting evidence from a session is to ask a question then listen for a direct reply along the sweep, so at times words may be spoken by spirit but i will leave them out, simply because it is not a direct reply or not relevant to the question that is being asked,
Leaving out words doesn't mean to say i havn't heard them, it just means it is not a direct reply to my question,
If words are added before the reply that are not direct replies this can take away from presenting evidence that a conversation with an intelligence is taking place between me and the voices that reply.. this can also be misleading the narrative of what is being asked, this is the method that all spirit box practitioners should adopt,

Many spirit box practitioners follow words spoken during a session and create a narrative that is false and making it up as they go along,, this is wrong as we should never try to FOLLOW a session but try to LEAD a session.

I analyse every word spoken in a session each word is scrutinized many times over .. if you hear something and it is not included it is not because I haven't heard it, it is because it is not relevant to the question being asked and on some occasions certain words will be excluded for this reason ..
You have to remember each session I annotate for somebody i may know more information about a person's situation and sometimes i am in direct contact with the person who conducted the session. So what may seem strange or irrelevant to you may be relevant to the person who conducted the session.


All music included in my videos is COPYRIGHT FREE and where necessary permission has been given.


My own personal sessions are all copyrighted material so I will NOT ALLOW embedding, If any of my own personal videos/sessions are used by anyone appropriate action will be taken up with YouTube..
Other people's sessions remain the property of themselves.


If you would like any of your sessions to be annotated by me I will gladly help.


You can find me anywhere in the comments section on my channel or contact me through Facebook, Twitter, Bitchute, MeeWee,,, Google +, or any of the links to the PARANORMAL WHITE NOISE™ channels on social media.
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