Tash Tiger

Tash Tiger

We uncovered a piece that encompasses the power of love and honor. Mary Oglitissau seemed to have an ideal life, for a woman of the 19th century. She had a successful husband and six adoring children.

All of her happiness slipped away one night when she was spending the evening at her mothers' home. Her mom had fell ill and she would occasionally spend the night to make sure she would be okay.

When she returned home she found the scene of a terrible crime --- the mass murder of her family. Her husband and six children had been brutally attacked and murdered.

The murderers were never discovered, but Mary did learn that they were seeking revenge on her husband, and killed the children just because they were home.

She couldn't live in the home where her family was massacred, so she ended up moving to her mother's house.

To honor the memory of her family she had a necklace made so she could carry their spirits with her. The necklace was made out of Tigers Eye and had a bigger stone at the bottom for her husband and three smaller stones on either side that represented her kin.

This piece was found in a Yugoslavian pawn shop. They had recovered it years prior at an auction. The aura around this necklace is what made it appealing. We knew there was history to the necklace.

When we tested this piece, we unleashed several Tash. Tash are spirits that appear in human or animal form. The Tash appeared to us as cats; we were in a trance when we heard several meows. We all at once opened our eyes and looked at each other with puzzlement.

We then noticed a man in the corner; it was William, Mary's husband. He was able to express the story of their lives and what happened to him and his children. The cats were the kids; they didn't want to scare us by having 7 humans show up, so they expressed themselves as the cats.

They evoked their spirits into this piece that Mary honored them with. They want to help guide those in need to answers about the unknown. Since they were killed and no one ever learned who was behind the killings, they want to assist through their spirits to help others acknowledge the unspoken truth.

This necklace is very powerful; it has 7 spirits to help guide you. They will work together as a unit to help you with any turmoil or problems you encounter in your life. Just owning the piece will bring you power; but when you actually wear the piece while searching for answers, you will be amazed at what you will encounter!

Use a tragic memorial as your tool to unlock the mysteries of the future!

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