The Ed Waterman Bigfoot Photograph Breakdown - The spandex lady

The Ed Waterman Bigfoot Photograph Breakdown - The spandex lady

This one is more for fun than all serious. We did this one just to play along ;)

Ladies and gentlemen. We've seen a lot of Bigfoot photographs since we've started this blog. This photograph from Washington, taken in June, is by far the best one we've came across in a long time. Here are the reasons why:

Ed Waterman, the man who took the photograph is pretty sure that this is a Bigfoot.
The behavior of the creature, as described by the witnesses are hair raising. They reportedly watched the creature "on all fours, then standing up and walking into the woods". This type of behavior have been witnessed by countless others, including Justin Smeja.
The witnesses were close enough to see that the creature was a 7ft tall female with "some serious birthing hips".
These guys are putting it all out there, and they called it their "Patterson-Gimlin" moment.
And here's a biggy: There are more photographs! This appears to be their best one.

Unless these guys are pulling our leg, their story is quite compelling. Here's the Facebook thread where the photograph was shared:

Annie M. A person??

K Elle Leigh Wow, I expected more responses to this pic! Didn't you, ed? Running around on all fours, then standing up and walking into the woods, where no trail existed. All while we stood in amazement, just watching. Pretty exciting day that was!

Ed Waterman Very exciting day. Our Patterson-Gimlin moment.

Ed Waterman No Annie. Black, no clothes and when I went back to measure, it was 7 feet tall. At that thickness it was in excess of 700 lbs. There's not a single person close to that size in our county.

K Elle Leigh I'm a witness to that. We turned around and I was stunned. Ed said TAKE A PICTURE! I didn't even have the camera ready. Thank God I was able to snap this quickly. We couldn't believe what we were seeing.

K Elle Leigh And even when I was SEEING this happen with my own eyes, my mind was saying "is that a person? A bear maybe. ." There we are, hunting squatch, seeing squatch in the woods, cloaking and whatnot. .here was one running around in the open. We were so surprised. But, prior to this happening, we were up at that place and I ran down towards Ed because I was getting rushed at by something I couldn't see. Scared me!

Ed Waterman Those are some serious birthing hips on this female squatch . . . the height is deceiving. This thing was 7 FEET TALL. It's the thickness of it that gets me. This also is one of three photos in a quick burst series. We have the same squatch in two other positions afterwards. And this was after we saw it running massively quick in circles on all fours on the trail. We walked by and were on the next ridge of the trail and it jumped out behind us. I'm surprised Kristin got such a great shot because we were 1/8th mile away at least, the telephoto is difficult to focus quickly and you have to hold it really still. K did great! For business inquiry's or to send me footage please email
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