The Haunted Footscray Cemetery - The Woman In White, Lost Souls & Entities!

The Haunted Footscray Cemetery - The Woman In White, Lost Souls & Entities!

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Who is The Woman In White? Does she really exist? What really happened all those years ago? Hey guys :) We hope you have all been well. The Haunted Footscray Cemetery was a really interesting Paranormal Investigation. We felt like we were constantly being watched. We got some amazing chilling responses from The WonderBox Gold! We detected some Spirit/ Entities on The SLS Camera. We believe that one of the Seven deadly sins Sloth was there. A lot of people go to Cemeteries & perform Satanic Rituals & smash the tombstones. Unfortunately a lot of lost souls are trapped there too. But we came with The Light. We will investigate a lot of dark places on our journey. But we will walk through the darkness, so others will see The Light. We hope you enjoyed our Paranormal Investigation at The Haunted Footscray Cemetery! Sending you all positivity, love & light. Blessings.
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