The Haunted Gilson Road Cemetery Night Investigation

The Haunted Gilson Road Cemetery Night Investigation

Disembodied voices, a fair number of EVPs caught by the camera in this haunted cemetery in the night. Spirit touches Dan and a strong compulsion on all who enter this place. Spirit boxes, Sprit Portal, DR60s, and SLS used. Did Walter and Betty Gilson speak? There are two competing legends: The Gilson Home was inside this stone wall, the house burned down, and they buried the family there. Another house was built, and it too burned down and the second family was buried there. After that it became a graveyard alone. The other theory is this land is haunted because of two major battles that occurred on the spot between enemy Native American tribes. Both stories are oral tradition without documentation, are either true? Or perhaps both? Either way we had activity!

Warning! Viewer Discretion is Advised.
On Camera Smoking, Language, Suggestive Spirit Contacts, and Paranormal Content.

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The Haunted Gilson Road Cemetery Night Investigation
October 10th 2020
With Jim Collins, Dan Flynn, Kirk L Morgan
And Special Guest Tim
Presented by Civil Revenge Paranormal

We leave it to you to decide if all of this is real or not.

Civil Revenge is NOT affiliated with any brands, manufacturers, designers,
inventors, organizations etc. et. al. of any device used in these films.

Spirit Boxes & Devices used this Film:

Mel Meter with REM-ATDD, Mel-8704R
By Ghost Stop

RR-DR60 by Panasonic a “faulty” voice recorder from the 1990s
famous for its EVPs. This use is not endorsed by Panasonic.

SLS (Kinect Camera/ 3-D Mapping Camera) Deluxe by Ghotcha Ghost

The P-SB7 Spirit Box
By Gary Galka of DAS Distribution

Necrophonic App
By Keith Wheldon

Kirk L Morgan’s own voice through V-tech Dynamic Microphone
VT-1009 into the portal.

The Sasha Two Algorithmic Spirit Portal by Kirk L Morgan is based
off of the Huff Portal in many of its forms, which in turn is based off
of decades of other people’s research, except for perhaps the use of the
Eventide Ultra-tap delay effect. (Note: Other types of delays have been
used in prior ITC research.)

In regards to spirit box usage: As could be heard from our responses
not all was understood live, seldom is understood live, and spirits will
manipulate the recording itself. No one is 100% sure if all voices are
spirit or radio/sound bank random triggering, and or pareidolia; as
both coincidence and subjectivity can occur.

All subtitles in this field are subjective.

Filmed with Panasonic HC-MDH3 AVCHD Shoulder Mount
Camcorder October 10th 2020.

Screen shots created using the VSDC Free Video Editor.

Photographs taken with LG Harmony Smart Phone September
27th 2020.

After investigation audio outtake of the DR60 recorded with a Blue
Yeti Nano Microphone and processed with WavePad Free by NCH

Music Credits: All Music in this Video is sourced either directly from
Artists’ websites, sound clouds, purchased, or writ expressed.

Glass Horror by Sandeep Khurana
© 2011 SK Infinity World Media
Royalty Free Rights purchased March 2020

Ghost Touch by Calbert Warner “Schematist”
Sound Cloud Version
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Express writ Creative Commons rights given 03.10.20

Eighty-eight by Savfk
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

The Haunted Gilson Road Cemetery Night Investigation
October 10th 2020
With Jim Collins, Dan Flynn, Kirk L Morgan
And Special Guest Tim
Presented by Civil Revenge Paranormal
© & (P) 2020 by Civil Revenge Music

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