The Haunted Hinsdale House | Paranormal Investigation | Episode 1

The Haunted Hinsdale House | Paranormal Investigation | Episode 1

The Hinsdale House sits on 10 acres In Hinsdale New York The current Owner @Daniel Klaes wrote a book, "Hinsdale House: An American Haunting" released in 2016.

The House is perhaps the most famous Haunted houses In the State
The property is rumored to have many paranormal claims, built on ancient Indian burial ground. As legend has it, it is also the site of many crimes and an old Stagecoach stop, A man murdered his own brother, Bodies stored in the basement, a young boy was killed in a buzz saw accident, and a woman was hung from a tree in the woods nearby. Whether these stories are true or not it certainly holds an eerie atmosphere on the property and that’s what lead us here on our Paranormal Pursuit

Many paranormal investigators line up to come here two of which you may know.Ed and Lorraine Warren gained fame due to the release of Amityville and The Conjuring movies. but their work started long before those films. One of their most compelling Paranormal cases was the haunting of the Hinsdale House and the Dandy Family.

"Echoes of a Haunting" was published in 2000 by Clara Miller. Clara and Phil Dandy lived in the house along with their children in the 1970's and were visited by many spirits during their time there.

The Family was so haunted that they called in a Priest from St Bonaventure University to

perform an exorcism on the house but as time went by the Dandy family lost the battle and ended up leaving the property. Some of the artifacts are still in the house from that time that are noted to have been levitated and even used during the exorcism. Now on to the investigation!

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