The Mansion of Ghosts | Paradox Prodigy | Episode 2 | Woodchester Mansion

The Mansion of Ghosts | Paradox Prodigy | Episode 2 | Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion is a very large old Victorian Gothic Mansion set in acres of beautiful woodlands. Sitting alone, and derelict, builders suddenly up and left during the building stages. It is unknown as to why they suddenly all left in such hurry. Tools were left behind and the remains of this can be seen today. Many people who have visited have have seen figures of ghosts and heard disembodied voices, with groans and moans. Some people have also encountered the feeling of suddenly being possesses by something quite sinister. In the more recent past, before the mansion was made safe for visitors to freely tour the property and see the fine examples of stone masonry, there are actual reports of death. A former worker fell to his death during the construction stages and a little girl also accidentally fell to her death while running through the abandoned corridors with a friend.
Watch this episode to see how we interacted with the spirits there and what was shown to us during the investigation. Is it possible to witness one actual apparition visibly and capture two other apparitions on camera? Yes, we did, and the proof is here! This episode will leave you shocked at how ghosts can actually transpire to make themselves visible. It will also show you the power they have to actually speak intelligently through devices. Many came forward, but who were they, what was there message and how did they feel about us being there???

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