The Most HAUNTED Woods In The UK | Paranormal-X & Tom Buckmaster | GHOSTS & DEMONS

Join the Paranormal-X team and Tom Buckmaster, as we join forces for a very special paranormal investigation. We visit the notoriously haunted Wombwell Woods, near Barnsley, UK, and investigate the claims of a very angry spirit, said to look like Guy Fawkes who scares those who dare to enter. There is also numerous other alleged hauntings in the area, some believe are down to the suicides, murders and unsolved deaths in the area. Witchcraft, black magic and dark arts have also been practiced here, which in itself is fuel for paranormal activity to occur .

These woods, are known to be the most evil, scary and haunted woods in the UK, and we dare to enter to bring you, the paranormal!

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Huge thankyou to Tom Buckmaster for giving the Paranormal-X team this incredible opportunity to meet him and work with him. We look forward ro future investigations with Tom in the coming weeks!

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