The Phenomena Project (trailer) Series (1) Episode (6) -Poltergiest

A paranormal show where you can trust everything you see!
The Phenomena Project is made for TV - Not For Entertainment Purposes Only
Don Philips & Steve Mera explore all aspects of paranormal from beleif systems to tangable evidence / experiments/ paranormal mechanics / investigations in allegedly most haunted placesboth in and outside the UK
Don Philips explains.. interview extract:
"Despite years of study in the field of paranormal research very little has been obtained the way of testable, repeatable evidence. When it comes to genuine phenomena, there is no rule book as to when or where an unexplained event may take place and this is the problem, often leaving many investigators sitting for many hours and hoping to capture something, fortunately this is not a situation I've ever found myself in. That said, even when good evidence is gathered, it is all too often readily dismissed prior to any testing procedures having taken place. Over the years a great deal of evidence which has been subjected to, and passed scientific analysis, has been suppressed, suppression of such information to this day is still happening. We've all seen the TV shows, and accusations of trickery and fakes, the credibility of many of these shows are shrouded in suspicion. After years of such shows, viewers are calling for something different, something real, something they can believe in, a show that's entertaining whilst at the same time will guarantee everything is real and at the same time contributing something to paranormal research, apart from the investigation side of things the experiments center around totally new concepts which have never been attempted or even contemplated until now. This is a very exciting prospect with potentially ground breaking results, many people are waiting to see what we come up with, they won't be disappointed Phenomena Project 'is' unique".
New experiments never attempted before.

"I have been involved with the paranormal in all its forms, hands on, for more than fifty years now and in that time I have encountered many phenomena for which there are no good or rational explanations. Just when I thought I had just about seen it all, approximately two years ago I was contacted by Don Phillips who made some truly extraordinary claims regarding communicating with the ‘other side’, and as the late Carl Sagan used to say, 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'. Don Phillips, along with researcher Steve Mera, is trying to provide exactly that. So much so that experiments are being designed that should silence even the most strident critics.
"I have known Don for more than two years now and since our initial contact, i.e. via a chance email, it has been a process of constant discovery and evaluation of a phenomenon that just might prove once and for all that we do in fact survive physical death in a sentient capacity with the ability to both think and, vitally, communicate. In Don’s case he does this using a form of electronic voice communication (also called electronic voice phenomena or EVP) specifically with Olympus digital recorders and the results have been, and still are, truly remarkable".
"Don and I have discussed many of the implications of what he does, because they are staggering and in some instances what has been contacted may be positively harmful. Don is fully aware of this and has developed techniques to deal with them, this is quite apart from the fact that his other 'colleagues' in the spirit realm can and do look out for him and give support when necessary.
That aside, I am now convinced that what is happening here is absolutely genuine and the results are literally amazing. I am also certain that, very soon, Don (and Steve) will be able to provide definitive, evidence, proof that life really does continue after physical death. Just what the sceptics, debunkers and cynics intend to do then will be interesting to see.
Brian Allan.
Don Philips claims are put to the test Supernatural VS Sciense

Author, Researcher and Editor of Phenomena Magazine

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